Mini Magpie Baby Upcycled eco friendly Clothes for hot tots

So what if Natalie Portman has ordered her baby clothes from Mini Magpie!? It’s not like the up and coming brand for babies and tots are only reserved celebrities and fashion pack… In fact it was made out of a desire to reuse, recycle and upcycle! On a mission, the designer behind the brand went through piles of second hand clothes in flea markets, and found potential in anything from a 80’s knit jumper to a pair of gloves. Sewn together, these garments were not given a new chance and life but it also is contributing to reduce waist! Mini Magpie Eco friendly baby clothes are handmade in London from second hand wool, cotton and cashmere jumpers making each piece unique. For babies and tots up to age 5.

The Mini Magpie is run by the talented Kimberley, married to one of Norways top photographers Jørn Tomter. Their son, Odin is often found modelling the clothes. Like in these pictures, snapped from the Planet Awesome Kid style blog. Coole dude?

© Jørn Tomter from Tomter Photography

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