Knitted Poncho in a Nordic style by Scandinavian Designers

Poncho is a great garment for children as it’s easy to put on and off and it keeps them toast and warm on the colder days.
I’m wearing my poncho today. It’s like being wrapped in a wool blanket, and wether it’s walking on the street or sitting down in the park -it’s a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Wanted to show you a great hooded poncho with a cute design from Alpaca Society; Nordic design is nostalgic and this soft fluffy poncho with its loose silhouette, resulting in a exquisite sense of balance and harmony. From

© Alpaca Society

Danish brand Norlie has several ponchos in their newest collection, probably because of the incresing demand after the Danish Princess Isabelle was spotted wearing one last winter. These to are our favourite from

Slightly more fashion forward with glam sequin details this poncho is another favourite, from Petit by Sofie Schnoor

And Mini A Ture never fail to keep up with providing beautiful childrenswear. This knitted ponch has a slightly Burberry feel to it, and would look great with leather boots. And the gorgeous campaign photo… Isn’t it just divine?!

2 thoughts on “Knitted Poncho in a Nordic style by Scandinavian Designers

  1. Hi Jeanelle. Thank you so much for your kind comment. Unfortunately Little Scandinavian is only a blog – not a shop. But perhaps one day in the future… 🙂 Best wishes, Bianca

  2. love your style. Happy to discover your site. It is difficult to find children’s patterns with such simple classic lines. I only wish I could visit your shop. I live in a very warm climate in Texas USA but we have Alpaca farms nearby. Thank you for your site.

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