Unusual and unique children’s shoes by Mina for SS13

The designer behind Mina’s shoes Linda Gullberg has created another playful, unusual and rather unique collection of footwear and shoes for children. Pale shades comined with a flourecent twist, traditional styles with a modern twist. Little A has happily (and comfortably) been skipping around in a pair of Mina’s shoes this summer -I’m sure the quality of the coming season is great as well. You can also see a Sneak peek of the photo shoot of Mina’s shoes for SS13, some behind the scenes photos.

© Mina’s shoes Spring Summer 2013

2 thoughts on “Unusual and unique children’s shoes by Mina for SS13

  1. Yes, they really are! Think my fav is the top photo, love the combination of a traditional children’s leather shoe in powder pink with bright orange contrast as a contemporary twist! Thank for leaving a comment! x

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