What to pack when going on holiday with children

When traveling with children there is a lot more preparation to do in advance, like packing for the whole family. In our household I’m so fortunate to be the “Head of packing”, with lots of help and assistance from Little B and Little A. The girls actually write their own packing list. It’s a lovely thing to do as they get to prepare themselves for the upcoming family holiday.

Useful ideas when packing your families clothing
Write a list at least a week in advance which allows time to get hold of necessities you might need for the holiday.
Pack basic clothing that mix and match. Roll your clothes instead of folding, it saves space and keep the clothes wrinkle-free.
Swimwear in your hand luggage, for easy access, can be useful. That way, you can go swimming without having to rummage through suitcases.
Don’t over-pack! Usually the problem isn’t ending up with too little clothes, rather the opposite. Be selective and think practical.
If going to a hot place bring only a cardigan for the evening. If traveling to places where it might rain and turn chilly bring a wind and waterproof set (plus a cotton hat) for babies and toddlers, only coat for older children and wellies. Nothing worse than being stuck in a cabin or hotel room because of bad weather. You might want to check weather forecast before you go.
And with children in tow I never travel anywhere without handwash detergent.

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So what goes in the suitcase? Your Holiday Checklist!
Underwear and socks for all days + 2 extra sets (less if it’s laundry facilities where we’ll be staying)
1 set of nightwear. You can always wash and hang dry the next day if necessary.
Swimwear, sunhat, suncream (beach towel if not provided om the destination)
2 shorts additional 1 or 2 skirts for the girls
tops, blouses, shirt -one for each day (or less if it’s laundry facilities where we’ll be staying)
1 pair of long sleeved jumper and pants or jeans if the weather turns
1 party / special occasion dress or a nice shirt and pants for the boys
1 pair of practical shoes for lots of walking and outdoor play, 1 pair of sandals for beach and day-wear and 1 pair of more formal shoes for an evening meal.

We have also previously listed a number of helpful tips for a successful car-family-holiday as well, worth checking out if you will be taking the car on holiday this summer.

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