Buttery and Bright Tuesday

On a lazy afternoon, what’s better than some freshly baked cinnamon buns? No yeast and additives, only honest “slow food” style with sourdough -and lots of butter, sugar, cinnamon and raisins. Little A has already had two today, not great considering she’s having to write a food diary for a school project this week. The teacher must think we’re crazy! Breakfast, cinnamon bun. Lunch, cinnamon bun…
And to brighten up the day Little A’s wearing a colourful retro style top by Norwegian brand Tiljamiid in utterly soft bamboo.

© Little Scandinavian

Recipe to our cinnamon buns can be found at the Little Scandinavian Kitchen.

Happy Tuesday!

One thought on “Buttery and Bright Tuesday

  1. Ja men visst dom är både goda som dom är och sedan kan man baka en massa annat gott med hjälp av kakorna också. Nu ska det också ha kommit ut en ny glass som dom har gjort den lär inte vara helt fel den heller 🙂

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