City guide, explore child-friendly Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a wonderful city and very child-friendly as well. The city is very clean, safe and it’s easy to get around.

Meet-Heidi-from the blog I’m With Leia! Heidi lives in Copenhagen together with her husband and baby, currently on maternity leave and when she’s not busy knitting and blogging she’s out and about with little Andreas, exploring the city.
We’ve asked Heidi if she would like to share some inside information, a quick guide to “Copenhagen for families”.

Hi, my name is Heidi and I live in Copenhagen. At the moment I’m on maternity leave with my 6 month old baby son, Andreas. So for the last half year I have experienced how Copenhagen is for people with babies. Copenhagen like many of the other Scandinavian cities, is very baby friendly. People here is usually on maternity leave for 10 months so I’m guessing that’s why.

© Photo by Élise Gueyne & Carsten Nymann Baby model: Andreas M. Nymann

Heidi’s Copenhagen City Guide and Baby Friendly Recommendations

Scandinavian’s tend to have large prams (mine is 97 cm long), for the baby to sleep in outdoors during the day. It’s not unusual to see 2-4 prams parked outside a Café, whilst the mums or dads enjoys a cup of coffee or lunch inside, using a baby monitor to check on the sleeping baby. When the baby wakes up many cafes have facilities like high chairs and changing station or “puslerom” as it’s called in Danish. This includes famous places like the Royal Café situated on Amagertorv in the main shopping area. And when out and about, Public transport is easy accessible too. Buses, metros and s-train all have dedicated spaces for prams. So again no problem to bring the baby with you, although I prefer walking as Copenhagen is flat and I get to see new places. And there’s no reason to panic when the baby is hungry. Breastfeeding in public is a common sight, without people being bothered. But note that even in Copenhagen there are places that don’t allow babies, breastfeeding or kids at all! If unsure -ask! When Illum shopping centre decided to ban breastfeeding it caused a huge uproar and they opened a special place called Mælkebaren (Milk bar) a dedicated place for breastfeeding. And talking about Baby food! Like many parents in Copenhagen I choose to make homemade baby food but I’ll occasionally pick up ready made organic baby food, available in most convenience stores around the city. I recommend Lovemade a new popular Danish baby food concept. (Freeze instead of adding preservatives.)

The best playgrounds in Copenhagen
Many Copenhagen parks and attractions feature playgrounds; the playgrounds mentioned here are my favourites.
Ørstedsparkens bemandede legeplads, Nørre Farimagsgade 2, Town center
Enghaveparkens legeplads, Ejderstedgade 1, Town center

© Photo by Little Scandinavian, a public playground spotted just behind Nyhavn, at Sankt Annæ Plads, 1250 Copenhagen

Baby friendly cafes
Kaffeslabberas’en, Enghave Plads 11, Vesterbro – Perfect for breakfast, serves excellent coffee and organic juices. Loads of space for kids and comfy seats for breast feeding although no changing facilities.
The Laundromat Cafe, Århusgade 38, Østrebro – A child-friendly café with children’s books and toys and a “we love breast and baby” policy. Mentioned by the Wallpaper Magazine as “The world’s hippest launderette”.
Cafe Sonja Saxogade 85, Town center, serving organic drinks and food for children and their parents. Pop by the second hand children’s clothes and toys shop Hva Så in the same street.
Bodega Kapelvej 1, Nørrebro– one of our hangouts…
Café Lyst, Jægersborggade 56, Nørrebro – another of our hangouts. A kitsch and trendy spot for freshly made wraps and delicious kanelsnegle (cinnamon bun).

Baby friendly attractions
Tivoli Amusement park, Town center – Dedicated building with changing station, microwave ovens and comfy seats for breastfeeding.
Bondegården Remiseparken, Peder Lykkesvej 71-73, Copenhagen S – City Farm and visitor centre with all sorts of activities for children
Frederiksberg Have, Frederiksberg Runddel – A big garden, with playground, water ways and where you can peak into the Zoo for free.
Assistens Cemetery, Nørrebro – Our favourite park, featuring on on the photo below, perfect for a stroll.

© Photo by Élise Gueyne & Carsten Nymann Baby model: Andreas M. Nymann

Thank you Heidi, for sharing!

Heidi and I was introduced virtually through the blogosphere. When visiting Copenhagen for CPH kids February 2011 we decided to meet up for lunch, with hubbies. And Heidi is as bubbly and funny as you would imagine her to be. It’s also been very enjoyable to follow her crafts blog turning into nesting and now baby kids style, with a clear trendy retro approach.
Head over to I’m With Leia and see for yourself!

14 thoughts on “City guide, explore child-friendly Copenhagen

  1. Hi Laura. I’m sorry to only get back to you now. I’m sure you’ve already been by now. But if not, I recommend Airbnb – which is great in Copenhagen. (look for properties in Frederiksberg). For hotels, I’m dreaming of staying in Hotel SP34. It’s a hip hotel, but kiddo friendly. Best, Bianca x

  2. Dear Dácil. I’ve been on holiday and only saw this message now. Hope you and your child enjoyed Copenhagen! Best, Bianca x

  3. Hi! I will be in Copenhagen between 14 and 20 august with my 1 year old baby. I would like to participate in any activity (cultural, musical, playing, yoga…) for babys that may be happen at these days. We would love to meet any copenhagen family and let our baby have contact with different child. Thank you very much.

  4. Hi great article, really enjoyed it and very helpful info re feeding! I’m visiting Copenhagen with my 7 month old girlie for five days and was wondering if you had any recommendations regarding accommodation? This is our first holiday with the lil one! Thanks in advance L

  5. Hi Anna. I know Nestle’s Nan is widely available, but there’s a range of other brands as well. Formula, ‘modermælkserstatning’ in Danish can be purchased from convenience stores as well as pharmacies. Hope you will enjoy Denmark! Best wishes, Bianca x

  6. Love this article, found it very helpful.

    Can you tell me what kind of baby formula Denmark sells? My baby is takes Cow and Gate which is sold in UK, not sure if this is available in Denmark.


  7. Hi Heidi!

    I am Viktória and me and my husband just planning to move to Copenhagen this month with our 4 month old son. I do not know if you can help me. Can you please advise where can I buy NAN Pro 1 formula and baby water for my little one? My husband checked it in some store already but could not find any. Also I saw that bio lovemade babay food. Where can I buy them when I move in the city? ( They look really good)

    Thank you for you reply in advance

  8. Hi Heidi
    I’m silvia and i just arrived in copenhagen with my one years daughter Lisa
    we’ll follow your suggests for sure!

    we would like to rent a bike with the stroller as in your pic…do you know if there is a place that rent one of this?
    only a thing… I was not able to find a place to change her… 🙁 noone bar has one

    but not a problem…stroller in this occasion its ok;-))

    any suggestions for dinner? a place where we can found soups and other things cooked but not sandwich …


  9. So true. Marie. The airport is like the best shopping mall ever with a great selection of eateries. Only I don’t think the shopping at Copenhagen Airport i tax-free? Need to investigate on that… 😉 x

  10. Just back from second visit to beautiful Copenhagen (including Malmo this time) and we just love it. Think I will take youngest daughter back in August for a treat – so child-friendly. One word of advice – if flying, leave plenty of time for the airport. I have flown all over the world and there is no airport anywhere that could rival Copenhagen. The shopping and the cafes etc are amazing, could have happily stayed there for hours!

  11. Great post to bookmark! And lovely to see Heidi here.. I think the Danes are remarkable in regard to children and family. Even though we have a similar maternity leave here (very generous), I don’t find it as child-friendly as it seems over there.

  12. Great info re Copenhagen, would love one on Oslo and surrounding areas article for international Mums with young ones (prams). Bogstaveien is mostly Deli de Luca, 7/eleven and H &M. Desperately need local advice on where to take little ones on long cold dark days other than Apent/United Bakeri.

  13. We spent 4 days this summer in Copenhagen and we just absolutely loved the city ! It is indeed a very child friendly city and would love to come back and explore more !
    P.S SHould you ever need a city guide for Paris, just let me know 🙂

  14. Fantastic little guide, and so useful as we are going to Copenhagen next month. May even be meeting up with Heidi for coffee. Have a nice day. Nice to discover your blog 🙂

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