Smoked Salmon Pâté, easy to make luxurious snack

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With some smoked salmon from the Hansen & Lydersen smokehouse left in the fridge I was tempted to experiment with recipe ideas for a perfect starter. With the rich and tasty smoked salmon as the main ingredient it was all done in a few minutes. Guess what’s on the menu when we have dinner guests tonight!?

250g Smoked salmon
100g Mascarpone
White pepper

1. Blend the smoked salmon and mascarpone together in a food processor or blender, blend for longer if you like a smoother pâté
2. Add a tablespoon of freshly chopped chives and a pinch of white pepper

3. Finally add the lemon juice, be careful so the acidity is not overpowering the pâté
4. Serve a rougher blend of this smoked salmon pâté as a starter with salad and oatcakes or blend a bit longer for luxurious canapés served on a piece of toasted rye bread or blinis.

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