What it is is beautiful – Lego ad from 1981

This vintage Lego ad is as trendy now as it was in 1981, with children being children; In one picture Lego has captured exactly what’s fashion forward now as much as then; inventive, playful and real children. What it is is nothing more than beautiful!

© Lego via Flickr Moose Greebles’ photostream

2 thoughts on “What it is is beautiful – Lego ad from 1981

  1. Dear Mo. Thank you for the link and your comment that sparks a very interesting discussion. We believe (and hope) the trends are about to change, both within kids fashion and design. Moving away from stereotypes and more back to a neutral path that allows children to express themselves more freely with their unique imagination and playfulness. Thank you for stopping by our little blog. Best, Bianca x

  2. I love this add too! Unfortunately, Lego’s taken another path in the last two decades.
    Check this out: http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2012/01/01/beauty-and-the-new-lego-line-for-girls/
    It makes me plain mad. Take a truly unisex toy and make boyish and girlish versions out of it. Sure, a great idea!
    Not to be mistaken, my little girl still plays with Legos all the time, we’re at the Duplo stage still with lots of cute little animals. I’m a bit afraid of what is next to come though.

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