Organic children’s clothing with a focus on sustainability, Urban Elk

The Danish children’s clothing brand Urban Elk have picked up on the demand for natural products, produced without any remnants of chemicals or other harmful substances. Urban Elk has therefore selected only to use water based print colours on all garments, and chosen not to use plastic prints containing harmful compounds and chemicals. They aim to use only fabrics made of 100% cotton, and avoid synthetic fabrics which do little to help the skin breathe. A growing part of the collections is made of organically grown cotton. This means the cotton is grown using methods and materials that have low impact on the environment. Organic production systems reduce the use of toxic and pesticides, and build biologically diverse agriculture. There’s also a focus on sustainable production in consideration of the environment, as well as deliver a continuing high level of quality.

Urban Elk is available for babies and children up to size 128cm in several independent shops or online at



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