Last minute handmade Christmas Gifts made easy!

Little B loves knitting and has already done blankets and scarfs.
This morning she decided to make a handmade Christmas gift to a friend, highly inspired by the Maileg Mouse in a matchbox.

All that was needed to make this personal gift was
1. Tiny soft toy. This little ape was bought in Monsoon but any mini soft toy will do.
2. One empty matchbox (a big one)
3. Yarn to knit a small blanket
4. Wrapping paper to decorate the matchbox.

Little B (age 10) knitted a little blanket out of left over yarn. Then used a empty matchbox and covered it in gift paper to make it look festive and fun. The little knitted blanket was then used as a sleeping bag for the tiny soft toy for a cosy new home for the new secret friend in a matchbox -the handmade version.

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