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Two Swedish girls living in the UK, friends and both mums have together left secure jobs in retail and marketing in order to follow their dream -to open and run a online boutique for mini fashionistas with a hang to Scandinavian designerwear. The Scandinavian Minimall was born. One month after the launch and we decided to have a chat with the girls.

Gabrielle with her son, Wilhelm.

Little Scandinavian: What inspired you to found Scandinavian Minimall and how did you make it all happen?

Gabrielle: My son Wilhelm and my business partner Jessica’s daughter Filippa were born late 2008 and early 2009 and we started discussing setting up a business for children’s clothing shortly thereafter when we both thought that the market for children’s clothes in the UK was missing something. We are both Swedish, although we have lived in the UK for many years, so focusing on Scandinavia was a natural choice for us. In short, we wanted more representation on the UK market of the cool kids fashion brands that are available in Scandinavia, more of the brands that have the kind of design that Scandinavia is famous for, sleek, fashion forward and minimalistic, yet playful and cool for kids. The response we’ve received so far has been great. So very exciting times ahead!

Little Scandinavian: How do you select the brands and styles? What is important to you?

Gabrielle:We stock Scandinavian brands or brands that have a clear link to the region. We then try and select styles that feel ‘Scandinavian Minimall’, and by that I mean brands that have a high quality, modern, minimalistic and fashionable feel – just cool and stylish clothes for kids that are not too sweet or ‘in your face’. Even so, we do love prints and colours, both the collections from Mini Rodini and Finger In The Nose have some very cool colours and patterns. Even better if the clothes are organic, which brands like Mini Rodini, Monamici and Geggamoja mainly are. We mostly feature brands that are relatively unknown to the UK, like Tuss (The Ultimate Simple Solution) or Franka Stockholm. Both are brands with great quality and cool, fashionable designs. Tuss is the epitome of Scandinavian minimalism and the clothes have lots of monochrome, muted colours that are in fashion at the moment. Another thing is great-fitting, high quality jeans, which Finger In The Nose and Mini Rodini both do extremely well.

Little Scandinavian: Do you want to share your favourite picks from the Spring Summer 2011 collection with us?

Gabrielle: We have seen some strong trends around jumpsuits for girls this season with both Monamici and How to Kiss a Frog do some great ones. Denim is another strong trend and as I’ve already said, we have got some really cool styles from Mini Rodini and Finger in the Nose. Marine stripes is another trend which never goes out of style, Both Tuss and Franka Stockholm have some fab pieces in this timeless design.
It is too difficult to choose only a few favourites as we like everything! But we have selected a few items that are picks from the above trends, plus a gorgeous dress from Mini Rodini with butterflies on. Cute and trendy at the same time!

Organic Wing Body by Mini Rodini £19.90
Organic jumpsuit by Monamici £61.50

Nautical dress by Franka Stockholm £45
Nautical t-shirt by Tuss £36
Jeans by Finger In The Nose £69.50
Butterfly Dress by Mini Rodini

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