Trend: More shoes being sold in clothes shops

New Norwegian study has found that more shoes are being sold in clothes shops and less in specialized shoe shops. This is probably a result of more clothing shops stocking shoes. The exact numbers of shoes being sold in clothes shops are probably even higher than what the study found as it’s often included in the total income without being singled out.

Our experience is that staff in clothes shops often are as knowledgeable as in specialized shoe shops, and as we buy more shoes the selection is even greater too.
Below is a few examples of what you can find in Kensal Rise, London based (and online) Kidsen.

Molo Baby Slip On Trainers, 21.99 at Kidsen
Hummel High Top Trainers, £34.99 at Kidsen

Pom Pom leather Mary Janes, 49.99 at Kidsen
Bisgaard navy leather sandal, £54.99 at Kidsen

Bisgaard sports leather shoes, £52.99 at Kidsen
Bisgaard Wellies, £24.99 at Kidsen

One thought on “Trend: More shoes being sold in clothes shops

  1. Interesting, do you think we are getting over the ‘if it’s not from Clarks it won’t fit properly’ thing then? Love love LOVE those green high tops btw – would so buy them for 6yo if I could get him out of crocs…

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