Kids room – get the style

I found this kids bedroom picture over at the Swedish magazine Skøna Hem

Get the look by mixing and matching budget pieces with design items
The rug that pics up all the colours in the room and that are a true centerpiece in the room is a rug called Strib by Ikea. Sadly not to be found, wonder if they are not making it any longer? Anyway, it’s important to add a multicoloured rug, as this is essential to create the look. Most items can be found at Ikea, but do add a few true design items for a classy look and your vintage wooden toys for a personal touch.
The 7 series look a likes are available from lots of shops -but there is nothing like the real deal.

Fritz Hansen Series 7 children’s chairs Skandium £353

HENSVIK Bed Ikea £80.68
FABLER Bed canopy Ikea £10.20

Nightlamp at Barnvanligt £9
EXPEDIT Bookcase Ikea £71.39

Oskar & Ellen colourful bunting Best Kids £22

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