Baby blanket turns into tent

When I was pregnant with Amélie knitting became back in fashion again. You could see young ladies knitting whilst going for a cup of coffee with friends in several cafes in Norway.

In Oslo the shop Nostebarn was the ultimate hot spot for mums (and -to be’s). They sell yarns of natural wool and knit recipes for the most beautiful little garments. Also really popular was the Nostebarn Baby Blanket. For me that had barely touched a set of knitting pins before this took ages to knit. But was well worth it, as Amélie loved it. It was snuggly and warm on cold days and cool and soft on warmer days.

During the last days it has made it’s reappearance into the children’s room. Now serving as a roof of their new imaginative home.
“No adults allowed, mummy!”

Maybe the knitting pins should reemerge from the cupboard as well?

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