Wheat Quality combined with great design at affordable prices

Wheat aw 09 lovely velour dress for baby girlWheat aw 09 Christmas clothing for children 0 - 10 yearsThe Wheat Company launched their first collection in 2002, and that was when I first got to know them. I didn’t recognize the brand, so I had no idea what to expect. Then after a while the clothing was in as new condition, after a lot of use. And since then I’ve been looking out for the label Wheat, as a sign of quality. It is also very comfortable to wear and I simply love the design. Each design of clothing is created with the specific age of the child in mind, from 0 – 10 years. And the best thing of all, it’s quite affordable. In addition, the Wheat Company has a special line of children’s clothing each season that is designed specifically to help aid in the Red Cross too. This line helps many homeless children get an education as well as meets other additional needs they might have.
KidKid is the agent and retailer in UK.
Wheat aw 09 collection

Photo: Wheat

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