Scandinavian Christmas Cookies

DSC_7773-tiltshiftBaking is a fine art year around in Scandinavia. But come late November, most kitchens see a flurry of flour, sugar, spices, almonds, butter, and eggs when serious Christmas baking begins.
Danish and Norwegian families bake at least seven different kinds of cookies, a carryover from the 19th century when the number reflected a family’s wealth and status. The buttery treats are packed away in tins awaiting the first Sunday of Advent and the official start of holiday entertaining. That’s when Scandinavians especially love the ritual of gathering around the living room coffee table to enjoy after-dinner coffee and a dazzling array of cookies.
We have so far made “pepperkaker” (gingerbread men). Picture to the left shows Amélie testing the result.

So! Only six to go…
The Scandinavian Dad is as we speak in the kitchen, preparing for us to make some more. On today’s baking list there is: “berlinerkranser”, “sandkaker” and “kanelstenger”

The result (and recipes) will be published later on.

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