Christmas Songbook for Children: Santa’s on His Way

Screen shot 2009-12-18 at 11.26.27Looking for something to entertain the children with during the holiday? And have the children already been sitting long enough in front of the television?
The audio book from the author and singer Jane Butters is the answer. Both Beatrice and Amélie listens to the audio book during Christmas, every year. And they never seem to grow tired of it. They know the story and the songs by hart by now, and it’s turned in to a Christmas tradition for us to have it on as soon as the holidays starts. It’s also played in the car when travelling to see family and friends over the holiday. And then suddenly the car journey didn’t seem that long after all. Both the Scandinavian Dad and myself can’t help singing along too. It’s therefore something I wanted to share with you.
It’s sold directly from Jane Butters for only £10, each one individually signed by the author.
Orders by e-mail to
or phone 0131 225 5015

Some of the reviews from customers

“What a lovely collection of songs and stories – enjoyed by the whole family. Using Christmas as the theme there are catchy tunes which children will love to sing along too as well as songs which the older generation will enjoy.”
“Very catchy Christmas songs, and kept the children captivated – good stories too! Great for car journeys.”

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