Introducing Vogue Scandinavia

Condé Nast has announced the launch of Vogue Scandinavia, with the first issue set to publish in Spring 2021.

Launching in English across print, digital and social media platforms, Vogue Scandinavia will reflect the fashion industry’s changing climate and push the boundaries of modern media consumption.

Vogue Scandinavia will be based in Stockholm, Sweden, whilst covering Denmark, Norway and the wider Nordic region from Finland to Iceland. The market’s deep-rooted affection for nature and its preservation will be at the heart of the title, and it will deliver digitally savvy content to reflect the evolving fashion media landscape. 

Vogue Scandinavia  has appointed Martina Bonnier as editor-in-chief. Bonnier has previously held the position as editor-in-chief of Damernas Värld as well as being a media personality known for her passion for haute couture. It is to be assumed that Vogue Scandinavia will be in very capable hands, led by a descendant of the founder of Bonnier Media.

Martine Bonnier, new editor-in-chief, Vogue Scandinavia

I am excited to launch Vogue Scandinavia in a moment where fashion is facing tremendous changes. The Nordic region is a champion in adapting to culture and technology trends quickly, and it is at the forefront of conscious fashion. Vogue Scandinavia will launch with this thoughtful approach to fashion, whilst exploring new and innovative technologies. I am thrilled that the region will finally have its own Vogue and I am excited to share more about the Nordic lifestyle and the fantastic creative talent that the region holds.

Martina Bonnier, editor-in-chief Vogue Scandinavia

To mark the launch Vogue Scandinavia has launched an Instagram campaign, inviting fans to use a hashtag and answer this question:

What is your Vogue Scandinavia? #MyVogueScandinavia

Vogue Scandinavia will uphold Vogue’s values of diversity, responsibility and respect, which all Vogue editor-in-chief pledged to in 2019.

Vogue Scandinavia will be published under license agreement with Four North Stockholm AB.

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