Step inside the new Home of ferm LIVING in Copenhagen

Build in 1742 by architect Philip de Langethe historic building is now the new home to ferm LIVING and the Danish design brands first-ever retail space. The spacious 450m² invites you to browse the entire ferm LIVING collection, as well as a curated selection of vintage curio, plants, coffee table books and other accessories for the home.

In super the central Copenhagen location, nestled between picturesque canals, quirky houseboats and cool restaurants, the wholly renovated 18th-century building also houses a showroom open to the public as well as being the home to ferm LIVING’s team of designers, who are experimenting with new ideas for future collections.

It has always been a dream and a goal for us to have a space in which we can welcome the public into our ferm LIVING universe. To be able to do that in such a beautiful, historic location in the heart of our beloved hometown is very exciting for us.”

Trine Andersen, founder and creative director, ferm LIVING

ferm LIVING’s vision has always been to create a space for their customers to feel authentically and comfortably themselves, and their new house is no exception – a modern retail space that is inspirational as well as informal.

The Home of ferm LIVING, Kuglegårdsvej 1-5, 1434 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 12-18 and Saturday 10-16

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