Nordic in London? What’s on for February

Here it is, a summery on what’s on for February 2020, with dates for your Nordic diary. From events and happenings to traditions and celebrations of the month. Highlights include the Sami National day, a viking themed supper club in Central London and last but not least, the Scandinavian celebration of lent, with a delicious sweet treat. Read on!

Nordic Events & Happenings in London

23rd Meet Pippi at the Imagine Children’s Festival, South Bank

You are invited to meet Pippi at the Imagine Children’s Festival in London, with this playful performance, to celebrates the 75th birthday of ‘the strongest girl in the world’, with plenty of audience participation. Tickets from £10.50.

24th Nordic citizens’ status and rights after Brexit

The Embassies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are organizing an event in London on Nordic citizens’ status and rights after Brexit. The event is fully booked but operates with a waiting list. Look it up at

27th Nordic Drinks in February

This time around the Nordic drinks, arranged by the Nordic Chambers and Associations, will be hosted by the Finnish Institute in London. Situated just a short walk from King’s Cross station. Members get priority to event tickets.

29th Supper club New Nordic historic tasting menu

Jonas Lorentzen draws inspiration from myths and stories relating to how people used to eat in the Iron and Viking ages. His previous London supper clubs receives greats reviews. Price from £45

Nordic chef Jonas Lorentzen, hosting the New Nordic Supper Club.

Traditions & Holiday

6th of the Sami People’s National Day

The Sami people are the Nordic countries’ only official indigenous people inhabiting Sápmi, the Northern part of Scandinavia. Find out more about the history and life of the facinating natives of the North, here.

9th Mother’s Day in Norway

Like in any other country, always on a Sunday. Children would make and serve breakfast, cards and perhaps a little gift.

23rd Fastelavn in Denmark and Norway and 25th Fettisdagen in Sweden

Fastelavn ties in with the carnival celebration in the Nordics with the traditions varying slightly between the countries. But you cannot go wrong with the sweet cream filled bun, dusted with a sprinkle of icing sugar.

See our best recipe, here!

Leave a comment below with any event that might be missing from this overview. Next up is what’s on for March.

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