Finland, the land of a thousand lakes

Mythical, magical and perhaps best known for its unspoilt nature with a vast forest landscape, dotted with freshwater lakes, so numerous that they have given this country the nickname “the land of a thousand lakes”.

In fact, Finland has more lakes in relation to a country’s size than any other, with water making up ten percent of the land. With a population of 5.5 million people and over 188,000 lakes, there is one lake for every 26 Finns.

In winter, Finland transforms into a Narnia winter wonderland, with its forest draped in a heavy layer of snow and the lakes covered in ice. As soon as the ice is thick enough, people will use the vast open landscape to go ice fishing, cross country skiing and ice skating.

At night there’s a wonderful display when the Northern Lights dance across the starry sky, with the frozen lake reflecting the green, purple and red light show.

Undoubtedly, the nature is the main attraction in Finland. The country is eager to share, but also keep its wilderness and so has recently launched a concept of sustainable tourism.

Sustainability is a way of living embedded in our DNA as a result of our intimate relationship with nature.

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Sustainable living is woven into the fabric of daily life in Finland, from food and energy consumption to design and travel and the well-being of local communities. Finland is now urging visitors to travel green when visiting.

You may be surprised to find that no matter where you go in the country, even in urban centres, nature is never far away. Wild forests thrive in the Finnish capital and Helsinki is situated in the midst of its own archipelago. Finns have designed their cities around and in harmony with nature which makes them more liveable and sustainable.

Love the Finnish nature like a local and you will be rewarded in return with beauty and serenity.

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Many of Finland’s lakes are located in the Lakeland district. The best way to experience Lakeland and to slow down is to try the iconic Finnish triad of cottage, sauna and water. A cottage by ‘one of the thousands lakes’ on your next holiday? Relaxation is guaranteed!

Lead photo: Jeremy Janin / Second photo: Visit Finland

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