Little Savage from Denmark

Little Savage launched two years ago, in 2017 with a mission to bring us back to nature, by offering carefully crafted long lasting children’s clothing.

Sustainable in every possible way; Little Savage produces their clothing in not only organic merino wool but it is also biodegradable. There are no dangerous toxins in the fabrics and the German manufactured leather has the highest environmental certification and is vegetable tanned without the use of chemicals.

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

There’s no pre-spring, high summer, or Christmas collections. In fact there isn’t even seasonal collections. Instead the brand launches collections of transseasonal children’s clothing in a timeless design too be worn all year, year after year.

Oh, the brand also has its own online store, complete with a second hand outlet. It also has a ‘our friends’ section including fellow sustainable kids clothing and lifestyle brands such as Oyoy, Little Line, Esencia, Hildestad Copenhagen, Lille Vilde and Bisgaard.

Then there’s a subscription offer for pacifiers and bibs in natural rubber. You will receive a home delivery and there’s a return option where the products will be recycled.

Little Savage is joining independent brands such as Monsieur Mini and Wawa Copenhagen as sustainable kids wear brands from Scandinavia.

It’s all about slow fashion and sustainability from this little rebell brand from Denmark. Savage in urban dictionary is explained to be a positive word, of someone ‘who isn’t scared of anyone or anything and never holds back their fire comebacks’. Perhaps exactly what’s needed to change our future to the better.

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