20 Norse baby names that are on verge of extinction.

Looking for an uncommon baby name? Often parents choose what they might think is a rare name only to realise that lots of other children have been given the exact same name.

Old Norse names dominate Viking and Scandinavian history and seem to be as popular as ever, with famous names including Odin and Freya. But there are some Norse names that are about to go extinct…

Less than 10 babies a year will get these Norse names

Names with three or less babies a year are not public information in Norway. However, we do have access to names given to four or more newborns a year, with several Norse names being included on the list. It looks likes some of these historical Nordic Viking names may be about to disappear.

To give them a last chance we have compiled a selection of these unusual Norse names, ten boys names and ten girls names, including their meaning. Browse through our hand-picked list and perhaps you will find, fall in love with and choose one of these rare names for your newborn.

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Rare Norse girls names from Norway

  1. Bjørg (rescuer) 
  2. Dagny (a new day and a long life) 
  3. Frøydis (Valkyrie – female figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live.
  4. Hilde (brave warrior) 
  5. Jorunn (friend with the horses) 
  6. Odine (wild and eager) 
  7. Sigrun (secret victory and a close friend) 
  8. Tyri (Tor-beautiful) 
  9. Unni (loved)
  10. Åsta (heavenly beautiful) 
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Rare Norse boys names from Norway

  1. Askild (the Gods helmet, help to feed people) 
  2. Bård (for love and peace) 
  3. Gjermund (protection) 
  4. Hilmar (famous warrior) 
  5. Jarl (noble man) 
  6. Joar (horse and warrior) 
  7. Narve (enclosed and close)
  8. Sølve (holy or giant in Norse mythology) 
  9. Torgrim (The Norse God Tors warrior mask) 
  10. Tørres/Torje (the arrow of the Norse god Tor) 

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Choosing your child’s name is a big decision. Please let us know how you chose your babies name or if you are torn between some names, share it in the comments below!

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