Interior design trends for Autumn to recreate at home

Autumn is a season defined by the changing colours, misty mornings and rainy days. But what it really signifies is time to turn our attention indoors.

We asked our five favourite industry experts, each with their individual, personal style, to collate some of their most simple and effective tips, based on the latest trends. 

It looks like transitioning your home into Autumn might just be easier than you think! Here is what they shared:

Trends and tips by Geraldine Tan @littlebigbell 

There’s a real trend and appetite for the return to nostalgia. I’ve been restoring my Victorian home with Victorian tiles and bold floral wallpaper. I’ve gone for a contemporary twist but with a definite nod to that era.

Sustainable design – we are ever conscious of what’s happening to our global environment. Design and fashion is increasingly leading in this trend. Consumers are also becoming more selective in what they buy.

How to 

1.Up cycling vintage furniture with paint.

2.Reupholstering sofas rather than the throw away culture and buying new.

3.Graham & Brown have recently dug into their archives to bring one of their floral wallpapers back to life, updated with a colour palette in line with current trends. Check out their wallpaper of the year 2020 called the Bloomsbury Collection. It’s perfect for creating that nostalgic Victorian feel to a home.

Trends by Marion Reynolds @marionpastiche  

Visiting Milan Design Week back in April, the suggestions were endless. From Art Deco to 70s vibes, pastel colours to neon hues. Key trends? Colours, bold masculine shapes softened by rounded corners, texture in surfaces and fabrics, ethnic inspiration and back to the past.

How to

1. Bring some colour into your home with colourful glass, such as vases, objects or mirrors. A textured coloured vase with autumn flowers is an easy way to mentally transition into the new season and trend.

2. Another way to incorporate this style into your home is by investing in some new pillow covers. Draw from the Art Deco era and think fringes, tactile fabrics such as velvet that is printed or embroidered in vibrant colours. Mix the patterns but keep the colour scheme similar. Embrace the more is more feel. Just make sure to declutter to keep a sleek line of simplicity. Embrace maximalism ♡

3. Visit local antique markets and auction houses to find your treasure, it being a small side table, an object such as a revived brutalist object or pot. Make it the feature in your home. This also draws in another big trend, reuse and circular design.

Trends by Ingrid Opstad @thatscandinavianfeeling

Natural materials that tells a story, such as wools, cotton, linen and leather – products that age beautifully and can stand the test of time. We long for more traditional craftsmanship and handmade designs. Sustainability is key and by choosing natural materials we show that we also care about nature and the future of our planet.

This year many people are becoming more adventurous when it comes to incorporating bolder, richer and more vibrant tones in their Scandi style homes. The trend is a retro inspired warm colour palette of mustard (a key word this year), green, turquoise and brown. There’s soft materials such as velvet, wood and leather as well as geometric patterns to complete the look.

How to

1.Go natural: Head into nature to find natural materials. Decorate with leaves, branches, rocks and pine cones from the outdoors. Or source independent brands creating unique, homemade decor with a natural touch. 

2.Be bold: Add vibrant colours and coziness to your home with pillows and blankets. Do not be afraid to mix and match, while thinking ‘more is more’ when it comes to decor. Darker elements in your home will make it a very ‘hyggelig’ space this season. Why not go all in and paint a wall black? A great place to start is the bathroom – dark walls will turn it into a spa-like place to relax and enjoy.

3.Buy second-hand: Find unique and nostalgic classics and enjoy the treasure hunt for your home.  It is time to celebrate the past with Mid-Century and Art Deco styled pieces.

Trends by Nicola Capper @nordicnotesblog

This season, minimalistic Nordic interiors are combined with powerful pops of colour, marble is bigger and bolder than ever and adding plants to your home not only looks good but is proven to have health benefits too.

How to

1. If, like me, one of the aspects you love most about Nordic interiors is white walls and understated décor don’t despair. Soft furnishing, such as pillows, candles, rugs and bed linen can all be used to add powerful pops of navy and mustard as well as pastel shades such as blush pink or mint green.

2. While we may not all have the space or savings to invest in a rose coloured MENU Plinth we can add touches of this striking stone to our homes with vases, lamps and chopping boards.

3. Fill your fireplace with ferns, pop some herbs on the kitchen windowsill, or if you’re stuck for space there are some gorgeous hanging planters out at the moment too.

Trends by Nuala Sharkey @nuala_stylist  

Japandi style (Japanese + Scandi) is an important trend for the coming season, and a contemporary update on the Scandinavian style. This trend combines the Nordic celebration of nature and ‘hygge’ with the simplistic minimalism of Japanese style. Combine pale Scandinavian wood with darker Japanese style black tones, busy pattern with natural texture and connect with nature through simplistic greenery.

70s luxe sees the continuation of the retro trend which has been around for the last few seasons, but is updated with a rich palette of pink, green, ochre and navy with brass detailing and luxury fabrics like velvet and shag-pile rugs. Curves replace the harder edge geometrics of previous season.

How to

1. Japandi – Add a statement bamboo or rattan light pendant, along with a couple of key furniture pieces in contrasting woods. Then accessorise with Japanese inspired printed cushions, monochrome accessories and leafy plants.

2. 70’s luxe – Choose a dark wall colour and update with brass lighting with glass ball detailing, combined with plush velvet cushions and coloured glass accessories. 

3. There is a general trend towards comfort and practicality so just keep things simple and make your home cosy and comfortable.

As we are about to leave the summer behind I hope you have found the above expert tips both inspiring and useful.

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