My 10 First Friends on Instagram.

Is it possible to find true friends on Instagram?

They say friends come and go but some you keep forever. In the fast paced space of social media you might say that nearly a decade equals ‘forever’. So I thought I’d share the top ten friends whom have all been with me from the beginning.

The iOS app Instagram was officially released on October 6, 2010 through the App Store. I signed up shortly after but did not get to grips of the new social media platform at all.

Early stage Instagram came across as hard to navigate, with no proper reach or connection to the outside world. The app was sparse to say it the least with lack of interaction features such as hashtag, geotag, stories and explore page. I quickly lost interest, before giving it another go and picking it up again early January 2011. This time I made sure to instantly connect with friends from other platforms, who had also signed up.

Recently and by chance I ended up sorting my Following to Earliest and was suddenly taken on a trip down memory lane.

The 10 earliest accounts I followed are people I am still connected with today. Some of whom, I already knew from other social platforms before signing up to Instagram. Meaning I would have enjoyed their posts, read and responded to their comments and had interesting conversations for at least 8 years now. We’ve been through new jobs, house moves, new babies and the general ups and downs that life seem to throw at you – together.

I thought it would be fun to share who they are!


Lori aka WildandGrizzly

Why we connect: We share the love for Scandi design, I love Lori’s steady stream of beautiful, thoughtful posts and her kind comments – arriving at a time just when you seem to need one the most. I’ve grown fond of Lori and hope we still will be connected in the future.


Rachelle aka Kenziepoo

Why we connect: What initally caught my attention was Rachelle’s eye for fashion, design and photography. She also amazes me with her incredible strength and talent, working tirelessly as an entrepreneur without compromising on family life. To this day she continue to be an inspiration, from across the pond.


Kirsten, in one of her more glamorous posts – still with her personality shining through.

Why we connect: Kirsten started liking and leaving comments on my posts making me curious on who she was. Soon after following her I found out there is truly something about Kirsten that makes Instagram more real. Whether it’s her unfiltered posts from a real life, her witty captions or her timely comments. Kirsten is one of those women who supports other women, without expecting anything in return.


Foodetc is all about food and rarely posts photos of himself. Here is a rare holiday snap.

Why we connect: I actually do not know his real name. For a long time I misread his account as Food Tech. But I often feel like kindred spirits with this devoted, Swedish(?) foodie. Not only has he through the years been a weekly source for dinner ideas. He would also act as my personal sommelier giving superb wine choices to accompany the meals. But arguably the best part by being connected is his sense of humor, which more than once has left me with a smile on my face.


Alex at a fashion event in Annabel’s, London.

Why we connect: I honestly have no idea why she follow back beside the fact that we both originate from Norway and we have children the same age. Alex is super glamorous, London based, with an impressive career in fashion. She posts from red carpet events and exotic travels as well as down to earth family time. She is passionate, creative and a true citizen of the world. And she is beyond supportive of everything I do.


Charlotte is in fact Rachel’s daughter. This is an old photo from a trip to Paris.

Why we connect: Rachel has always been creative and incredibly so. As a result she’s been able to grow an impressive following on Instagram yet she remains kind, personable and down to earth. These days she’s probably more active on her blog and on Pinterest. But her craftiness is still source of inspiration on Instagram too. We’ve spoken in the past about catching up over a coffee. When our roads cross next, I hope we will!


Nat on her Birthday – we share the same birth year.

Why we connect: When I got to know Natalie she was Bambinogoodies, a one stop destination for kids clothing and design. Before then she was Baggage Reclaim, a relationship and mental health blog, which is something she has returned to as her children grew older. Nevertheless, Nat is like an old friend, low maintenance and you can always pick up where you left. These days she’s sharing powerful messages, using her own experiences to support others. This girl rocks!


Karen and Monty in a ‘Sunday Selfie’.

Why we connect: We share the same taste in bright and natural design and living. I also love following the real ‘The Secret Life of Pets’, with daily tales of her pets, the majestic Cassius and the more timid Monty. (Check out her profile to find out more!) But more seriously, Karen has a flair for home interior, colours and textures. She is also an inspiration on how to remain elegant regardless of age, with her blonde chopped hair and effortlesly stylish dress sense.


Brianne with two of her three children, in NY where the family lives.

Why we connect: We connected over a mutual interest for children’s fashion and how to navigate family life in big cities. (She is NY based). Brianne has gone from strength to strength with her social presence and is today running a world leading family lifestyle blog. But do not be fooled. Behind her successful, glossy account, there is a real woman who generously share a glimpse of her real life as well as being supportive of others.


Typically for a photographer, Annie is rarely seen in front of the camera.

Why we connect: Photography has always been a huge interest and Annie is one who truly master this ever evolving form of art and communication. She is not shy of trying out different techniques and if not following she is setting the trend in photography. I often find myself double liking her posts, like her delicate post from 13th of July. So simple yet genius. Why she follows me is a mystery. But I hope our connection is a lasting one.

Do you want to know how you can find out who you followed first? Head to your profile on Instagram, click ‘Following’, under the search bar it says “sort by default”. Click the arrows to the right and change to “Date followed: Earliest’ and voila! The result might surprise you!

You can find my IG profile here, @littlescandinavian

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  1. Happy to have found you on the list Annie, as you are very much one of my favourite people on the gram, today. x

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