Sleep like a baby with DreamBag

DreamBag baby sleeping bag model Rouge with removable sleeves, mittens and hood.

Looking for the best baby sleep suit or baby sleeping bag, to help your baby settle? A sleeping bag from new Danish brand DreamBag gives a sense of comfort and security for a better, deeper sleep, daytime or nighttime. And you might just get your own good nights sleep back too!

With a sleeping bag there are no covers to be kicked off during the night. Sudden temperature changes can disturb a baby’s sleep and as a parent it’s easy to worry about your baby being cooled down at night. You can rest assured your baby is snug and warm, all night.

Although a new company, danish parents are already raving about the Dreambag sleeping bag, giving the product glowing reviews online.

“At DreamBag we often get testemonies from parents who say that their child falls asleep much easier, has a much more calm sleep and awakens fewer times in the night when sleeping in one of our DreamBags.”

Elisabeth Falkenberg, founder of DreamBag and mother of four children.
Founder Elisabeth Falkenberg, with her four children.

DreamBag is suitable for children from 6 months to 4 years and available in two sizes, 6 months to 2.5 years and 2.5 to 4 years. The sleeping bag can be used indoors, with or without sleeves as well as a model with removable mittens and hood.

All covers are produced in GOTS-certified or OEKO-TEX 100 cotton, and the sleeping bag is available with natural wool filling (one light weight for Summer and one more thick and snug for Winter) or down filling with 90 percent goose down. The cover can easily be zipped off the sleeping bag and placed in the washing machine.

DreamBag is not all about exceptional quality and functionality. Pleasingly for the design conscious parent, and perhaps typically for Danish design, the design is also incredibly stylish.

Loved by parents and children alike.
For the baby up tu 2.5 years and junior up to 4 years of age.
With removable arms, mittens and hood.
Soft and comfortable.
For daytime naps out in fresh air – or for a uninterrupted good nights sleep.
Available in colours: Curry, Dark Green, Rouge and Navy Blue

I had my first child nearly 18 years ago and sleeping bags were not common for babies in Norway at the time. But seeing these from DreamBag I definitely wouldn’t have been opposed to trying one out!

What is your experience with sleeping bags for the baby?

Photos IG @by.sofiehammer for Dream Bag Dk – All rights reserved

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