Fly to the Scandinavian Mountains

Scandinavian Mountains Airport, also referred to as Sälen Trysil Airport, is an airport under construction in Dalarna, Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. And the new airport has just announced its opening date!

With 6,400,000 guest nights, 100,000 beds and 3,300,000 ski days, every year – Scandinavian Mountains is already an established tourist destination. Especially in winter as a ski destination but the region has experienced an increase in attractions and visitor numbers during the off-snow period too.

Over a period of several years, two countries, four municipalities, four destination companies and 435 tourism businesses have worked together to create joint opportunities that aim to create regional growth based on tourism.

The four municipalities of Malung-Sälen and Älvdalen in Sweden and Trysil and Engerdal in Norway have partnered up to offer guests from abroad the opportunity to fly in directly, to the Scandinavian Mountains.

And the opening date has been announced! From December 2019 you will be able to fly nationally and internationally, regular and charter, to the Scandinavian Mountains.

Scandinavian Mountains is an international destination, comprising Sweden’s and Norway’s biggest alpine destinations, improving infrastructure and creating accessibility “into the heart” of the region. The construction work has started and we will keep you posted here on the blog. Both with regards to what air lines who will be flying to this new Scandinavian destination and also when the flight tickets will be going on sale.

Meanwhile, follow the airport for updates;

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8 thoughts on “Fly to the Scandinavian Mountains

  1. I don’t believe any routes have been confirmed yet. Although this information is to be expected within the next couple of months. Exciting times ahead. I am of course hoping for reasonable flights from London. Lets cross our fingers for Aarhus to Trysil then! x

  2. Hi,

    I see Aarhus om the map, is that confirmed and do you know who will operate the flight?

    BR Jan

  3. Does anyone know what airlines are planning to traffic SMA? Especially interested in the domestic airlines…



  4. I have no idea, but will keep my eyed peeled for any news, and share here as soon as I can! Very exciting! x

  5. Hi. I see Dublin listed on the image above. Do you know yet if flights from Dublin will be charter or regular scheduled flights? Exciting 🙂

  6. Hi Tom. Although the project has started and the airport is in full development there’s no chance that it will be open by February. More like towards end of 2019. I will keep you posted on the opening of the new Scandinavian Mountains / Trysil airport as I’m eagerly awaiting it myself. x

  7. Dear,
    Is it possible to fly around February 16, 2019 from Amsterdam to SCANDINAVIAN MOUNTAINS AIRPORT?
    Otherwise from another destination in The Netherlands?

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