Reopen the Harwich to Esbjerg ferry!

Are there any updates on the UK to Scandinavia ferries situation? The quick answer is no.

I’ve just returned from a 2,224 km drive from Norway and feeling not only tired but perhaps more upset than ever that there are no ferry crossing between the UK and Scandinavia.

One of the most popular posts on this blog is how you’ll get ‘from the UK to Norway by car and ferry’. And sadly, it’s not a happy reading. The only help you’ll get on milage is the crossing between England and France. The next possible ferry is from Germany or Denmark onwards to Norway or Sweden. But this still involves a good drive from Calais.

DFDS’ historic passenger ferry route between Harwich and Esbjerg was closed down after struggling for a long time with high costs, loss of passengers and freight being switched to road transport.

Our last loophole was the freight ship from Ingham to Larvik. But this option is now ruled out as well as DFDS has made a strict no passenger allowed on board policy. You can send your car as freight but this comes at a rather high cost as well as the task of bringing it to Ingham and collecting it in Larvik.

The best solution for all travelling from South England, going to Norway, Sweden and Denmark would be if the Harwich – Esbjeg route would reopen. This could save us a drive of more than 1000km per way! Some of you in the comments section on my old posts have asked me to start a petition. But as such a petition already exist and I belive we are stronger together, I suggest signing the ongoing petition Reopen a direct ferry from the UK to Denmark.

Let’s hope this petition will get the attention of DFDS and its CEO, Niels Smedegaard. And that DFDS will reconsider their routes for 2018!


  1. I went on a cruise to Norway and am anxious to return to Bergen. I am unable to fly and a ferry was the only answer. Why, Why oh why are there now NO ferries at all from the UK to Norway. I just cannot believe that there is no requirement for at least one. I would be a foot passenger so that rules out freight ferries too apparently.

  2. The freight ferries will not allow passengers with cars no longer. You can ship your car as freight, but you’d have to sort out a different form of transportation for yourself.

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