Pierrot La Lune’s new collection for AW16

The wait is over! Finally Pierrot La Lune has launched the new collection for Winter, with some very beautiful pieces sure to satisfy the most refined taste. The nostalgic style shows elements from both the 30s and the 40s with Pierrot La Lune’s signature piece, the collar once again making a reappearance in a new romantic fabric.

As we have come to expect from this brand the style is elegant and understated with a nostalgic touch. As parents, when seeing how fast our children grow up, we all want to stop the clock. Pierrot La Lune’s collection is typical Scandinavian; made for children who are allowed to be children, with space to roam freely and time to daydream.







The collection is inspired by the Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi (link to Wikipedia about the artist) something with is not only evident in the clothing but also the location of the shoot for these photos.

Again, the collection is beautifully presented by photography by the brother of Pierrot la Lune’s founder; the fashion photographer Rasmus Mogens. On set the artwork of Wilhelm Hammershøi was used as a strong source of inspiration, as is the location itself.

The light in the shoot, which was all natural and that was allowed to flow in through the large windows enhances the look and feel of this romantic collection, by the danish brand we’ve come to adore.

Emilie, congratulations on another gorgeous collection. And we love the photos as well. Thank you for sharing it with us! ♥


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