Scandinavian Cabin Fever – See the Naked Naust in Norway!

Inspired by Norway’s traditional boathouses ‘naust’, the Swedish architect Erik Kolman Janouch decided to build a cabin by the rough Norwegain sea on the remote Vega Island. With all natural materials and a minimal design the architect has achieved to create a secret and safe haven in stunningly dramatic surroundings.

Vega Cottage stands on the island of Vega in the Norwegian archipelago not far from the polar circle. The site is distinctive for its grand and harsh northern landscape with wide panoramas of the Norwegian Sea and the jagged mountains rising from it.

Organised on two levels the cottages with large windows for undisturbed views benefits from generous living space. The upper level comprises a few bedrooms and a communal space. The lower level feature a open gallery-like space structured around a fireplace.

Completed in linseed oil painted pine with untreated birch the interior is kept functional and simple with a character of being hand-built – promoting tactile qualities and the attractive patina developed over time. The Vega cottage was completed in 2013 for a private client.

We are only a little bit jealous…









© Photos by Åke E:son Lindman / Kolman Boye Architects

Our cabin fever just reached a whole new level!

Location: Vega, Norway
Project Duration: 2009-2012
Gross Internal Area: 140 m2

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