Design for Small Homes by Silje Nesdal at 100% Norway 2016

Silje Nesdal is a young design talent who grew up in the Fjords of Norway, an area known for its furniture industry, wool and woodwork. Nesdal has specialised in design for small homes with functional and beautiful pieces inspired by architecture and fashion. It’s a pleasure to share a few highlights of her work!

The Oslo based designer Silje Nesdal holds an MA in Furniture Design and Interior architecture from Bergen Academy of Arts and Design and Alvar Aalto University in Helsinki. Silje also holds a BA in Textile Design from Oslo University Collage, and has been working in the fashion industry in Oslo and Japan.

She combines her experiences from textile and fashion with furniture design and enjoys working interdisciplinary. Silje grew up in Stryn, the scenic area of the Western fjords in Norway. This community is characterized by long tradition of wool, woodwork and furniture industry.

As featured by leading design websites such as Dezeen, the Dorme Sofabed.

The Hinken flower pots, a collaboration with Ann Kristin Einarsen

The Flap desk table…

That with a ‘flap’ transforms into the Flab dining table.

Silje Nesdal is the designer that creates ‘large living’ for small homes. Her works are often inspired by the techniques and traditions observed on her travels. Through research, modelling and testing, she strives to create simple, subtle forms and sustainable objects that last. The modular and multifunctional furniture that resulted from her research into compact living won her ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at RAFF design week in Bergen.

At 100% Norway during London Design Week 2016, Nesdal will present the new Sling pendant lamp.
With the Sling Nesdal wanted to simplify the pendant. To achieve this, she has made the light source itself into the structural element responsible for carrying the shade. A simple sphere of hand-blown glass forms the shade, focusing attention on the light source itself. The lamp is mounted by simply turning the fluorescent tube into a vertical position and sliding it into the shade.

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  1. Dear Sima. Silje Nesdal is not as far as I know sold in the UK. Please contact the brand for stockist list. Best wishes, Bianca x

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