Summer in Denmark – the Italy of the North

The Italy of the North is a hidden gem to be discovered. Famous for great design, bicycling healthy and happy people, splendid nature and a great lifestyle, Denmark is also a perfect for holidays. Especially in Summer.

Unknown to many the Summer months, June, July and August in Denmark can be quite warm and the Scandinavian country is often referred to as ‘the Italy of the North’. With temperatures up to +26 it is a popular holiday destination. Denmark offers an impressive coastline and it’s easy to find a little secluded beach to enjoy your day out.

Knowing all of this we wanted to get a local’s insight, sharing what hidden gems to discover in Denmark on a balmy Summer day. The designer behind the children’s brand, Annaliv Anna, is half danish and spends all her Summers at her family’s house in Møn, Denmark.



Møn is an island in south-eastern Denmark that comes to life during the Summer months. Cafes and galleries opens up and the long stretched white sandy beaches is basking in sunshine. But perhaps most known for the scenic Møn’s Cliff, which is 7 km long and 128 meter high landmark. It streches from Møn’s lighthouse in the south to Liselund Castle Park in the north.

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We asked Anna what she wanted to recommend, from places to eat to what to see in Møn.

Favourite spots to eat?

Davids Cafe at Stege for lunch. Whilst you’re here if you want to try some traditional Danish knitting there is a brilliant wool shop that sells patterns for jumpers.

Another restaurant that offers al fresco dining, which is a must on a sunny summer day in Møn, is Lollesgaard. It’s popular though, so book in advance!

Or simply take a BBQ to the beach and watch the sunset with some ice cold Tubørgs!




Places to visit…

Liselund & The Romantic Gardens of Møn. Walk around and see the tiny Danish thatched castle and log cabins in the gardens. Their homemade ice cream is the best! Perhaps rent a bicycle and from here you can cycle through the woods. We go everywhere we can by bike on Møn as it’s very cycle friendly and the best way to experience the island.

Møns Klint – beware, to walk down to the bottom from the top of the cliff is quite a distance and a lot of steps to climb. Bring a picnic if you have kids with you to give them energy to get back up again! Or if you don’t fancy the walk you can get a boat from Kintholm and view the sheer beauty of the cliff from the sea.

Noorbo Handelen – specialists in gin! (Near to Lollesgaard)

There are a lot of tiny and very reasonably priced antique shops, artists ceramic shops and farmers shops selling fresh eggs, berries, sheepskins, meats etc. on Møn. Several of these are actually small pop ups in peoples front rooms or on tables in their gardens.


Another reason to go is to experience the endless Scandinavian Summer nights… Thank you Anna for sharing your local knowledge, insight – and private holiday pictures! x

To find out more about Møn you should go to VisitDenmark

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