The week’s best reads, from babies in boxes to divine flowers

It’s Friday so let’s get this weekend started! Brew yourself a cup of tea or poor a cheeky glass of wine, feet up high and enjoy this weeks best reads with us; from pledges to put Scottish babies in cardboard boxes and some brilliant flower inspiration from across the pond as well as a must read satirical article.

My in-laws have this ritual on a Friday; after cleaning the house they’ll pick up a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from the florist. I’ve adopted this idea and I always make sure we have flowers in the house for the weekend. I recently stumbled upon a floral studio in San Fransisco called Tulipina. Their website is a gem if you are looking for some inspiration. Check out this flower tutorial, on how to make the most beautiful flower arrangements.

From gorgeous flowers to the latest news.

Did you hear, as part of a pledge to close Scotland’s attainment gap and to fight poverty SNP’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants to give every new mum a boxful of baby essentials to give Scotland’s children the best start in life? The sturdy cardboard boxes will include clothes, toys, nappies and a built-in mattress to turn the container into a cot. Just like the Finnish Card Box scheme. Lovely idea, isn’t it?!


Another read of interest this week was,

in the pen of witty John Grace, the article It’s All Easy by Gwyneth Paltrow Digested made me laugh out loud. It is at times difficult to separate his satire and Ms Paltrow’s own words as you know them from Goop. Oh poor, Gwyneth. I sort of like her but she’s not a person I would take health or eating advice from. She’s like the one crazy friend you have who is always on a diet, never eating and always fuzzing when attempting to order in a cafe.

I’m sure Gwyneth is lovely although perhaps not your average Jane Doe. So we can all admire but then we need to go back to cleaning the house on a Friday before picking kids up from School.

And on that note, I wish you a happy, healthy and stylish long-weekend! x

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