Switch your lights off! Earth Hour is Saturday 19th March, from 8:30pm

Earth Hour is a global environmental campaign where millions of people switch off their lights for one hour to show they care about our planet and to influence climate change. Read on to see how Earth Hour will be marked in the Scandinavian countries.

Tomorrow is a great chance to participate in world’s biggest environmental campaign – Earth Hour, by symbolically switching off the light from 8:30 to 9:30 PM. The aim of the campaign is not to save electricity, but to unite people and businesses who acknowledge the challenges of the climate change and their role and impact on it.

In support of the Earth Hour campaign lights will be off in famous London landmarks and buildings such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, The Gherkin, Piccadilly Circus, Harrods and the Ritz.

Sweden has been participating in the Earth Hour since 2008 and have clear goals on each annual event. This year the Swedes will urge the politicians to make decisions so Sweden can become 100 % fossil free.

In Norway a record high percentage of the population participate by turning their lights off. Some of the most important buildings will also be in complete darkness; The Royal Castle, The Norwegian Parliament, The Opera House and Norway’s largest cathedral, Nidarosdomen. Even Norwegian fishing boats in Antarctica will be turning off their lights.

All lights will be switched off at the Oslo Opera House for Earth Hour.

The danes are known for being creative and Earth Hour will be celebrated with nouveau cirque and world-class choreography at landmarks in three Danish cities. It will all start with a ambitious warm-up event to Earth Hour 2016. Acrobats and artists will perform in the confines of local zoos and on the walls of Copenhagen Planetarium. The shows are meant to highlight the connection between generations, cities and consumers. And to elaborate on the interconnectivity, WWF will stream the events to allow the audiences to experience the storytelling performances at three different locations in Denmark. Once the countdown to Earth Hour starts thousands of Danes will have been entertained but strongly reminded what climate change does to our planet.

More humbly, we will switch off all lights too and enjoy a few candles and have a moment to consider our own impact on the environment and our future.

Earth Hour in 2016 is this Saturday, March the 19th from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Will you be switching the lights off?

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