Mis Crios AW16/17 – new children’s fashion brand from Finland

Mis_Crios 7 by Juliana Harkki
Mis Crios Collection is a new brand for children and women with timeless yet modern design with high quality fabrics. Designed by Cecilia Sörensen in Helsinki. The exciting collection for AW16 was launched at trade shows in Europe last month. And you can see a preview here!

Mis Crios are here to make everyday life more fun for kids and easier for parents when it comes to finding beautiful, comfortable and fun clothing. With a no-fuss approach with all garments being designed without inconvenient zippers or buttons for easy dressing. The collections are all made from natural fabrics and are ethically produced in sunny Barcelona. The collection by Mis Crios compromises simple yet beautiful design. High-end quality fabrics are cut and redefines into a sophisticated yet delightfully relaxed style. The design has a contemporary touch yet the styles are romantic in a Nordic nostalgia way.

Mis_Crios 6 by Juliana Harkki

What’s sets Mis Crio apart from many other brands is the designers sense of style and quality. Cecilia Sörensen transform design for women to fit children, without the desire to make ‘mini me look’. The collection has a womenswear feel to it. And rather than being pure Scandinavian Cecilia presents her collection as “European, but with a Scandinavian casual approach to it”. She also firmly believe that although most kids brands does comfy tees and leggings in cool prints there is also a market for more elaborated styles in high quality woven fabrics.

Mis_Crios 8 by Juliana Harkki

For Autumn Winter 2016/2017 Mis Crios reinterpret the shapes and silhouettes of classic garments such as the shirt. Mis Crio mixes and matches prints and fabrics with a rather exciting end result. There’s artful prints and striking geometric styles, alongside minimalistic, timeless, almost poetic pieces in a Nordic muted colour palette.

Mis_Crios 5 by JUliana Harkki

MIs_Crios1 by Juliana Harkki

MIs_Crios3 by Juliana Harkki

Mis_Crios 10 by Juliana Harkki

MIs_Crios2 by Juliana Harkki

Mis Crio is the the children’s line. For womens fashion, look out for Mis Crios femme. Both collections are available in the same fabrics and colours, designed to create a coherent look for mother and daughter.

Cecilia Sörensen is a Finnish-born fashion designer, who after tailoring and dressmaking studies in her native Helsinki and in the UK, pursued a career in fashion in Spain. Sörensen worked for designer Antonio Miró, before launching her own brand “Cecilia Sörensen” and “Pequeños Héroes”, a line made of recycled materials. Her recognition as one of the most promising revelations in the Barcelona fashion-design scene was immediate; just one year after her graduation, in 2002, Sörensen became awarded with the ‘Young Designer of the Year’, ModaFAD Prize.

After moving back to her native Finland, and inspired by her two daughters, Emi 5 years and Isa 2,5 years, Cecilia founded Mis Crios in 2014. Mis Crios means ‘my kids’ in Spanish.

Mis_Crios 4 by Juliana Harkki

Find out more by visiting the brands website, miscrios.com

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