Henrik Vibskov AW16 ‘The Jaw Nuts Piece’ at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Danish designer Henrik Vibskov firmly presents himself as one of the stronger designer when it comes to geometric print with his new collection ‘The Jaw Nuts Piece Collection’. Henrik Vibskov is a true creative and his show is always the highlight of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Henrik Vibskov is known for hosting some of the best shows, taking Copenhagen Fashion Week to another level. And the interesting thing is that you never know what to expect from this highly creative designer. As usual, the show was running slightly late at the historical City Hall before we could enter to see Henrik Vibskov’s AW16 ‘The Jaw Nuts Piece’.

Passing us on the catwalk this Winter night, were models wearing sculptural fashion; oversized squared jackets and coats as if inspired by architecture. There was also a clear Japanese influence with unisex kimono coats and matching hakama style trousers. The palette went monochrome to an explosion of colours before he finished the show with some beautiful styles in delicate hues of pink, moss green and grey.

The luxury of the attention to detail and overall haut couture feel of the collection stood in stark contrast to the catwalks center piece in form of countless of wooden heads opening their jaws, like they were screaming towards the audience. Together with high octane music it would be fair to say that the intensity of the show was as strong as his geometric prints.

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Henrik Vibskov Boutique opened in Copenhagen in 2006, followed by New York in 2011. You can also see the full collection online at henrikvibskovboutique.com

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