Cathrine Hammel, women’s fashion for Spring Summer 2016

One of the more notable women’s fashion design brands from Norway is Cathrine Hammel, popular for its timeless design and exceptional quality. The Oslo based brand has since 1992 offered beautiful knitwear and everyday basics, combining design traditions with modern Scandinavian minimalism.

With Spring Summer 2016, Cathrine Hammel presents a light and airy collection, where clear references to the Tibetan Ladahki-aborigines meets traditional, Scandinavian minimalism. The collection is already to be found in stores…

The soft, sun-bleached color palette ranges from shades of blue, yellow and orange, counterweighted with black, white and gray.

Spring 2016 is photographed at the Norwegian Museum of Architecture, during the exhibition of Sverre Fehns “Ode to Osaka”. The concrete floors and raw plywood emphasizes the meditative feel of the collection.



Photo rights: Cathrine Hammel

If you are visiting Oslo we recommend visiting the Cathrine Hammel flagship store, ‘Spazio’ in Skovveien. In addition the brand is available in stores worldwide. Find out more by visiting

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