Boutique hotel; Juvet Landscape and Design Hotel in Valldal, Norway

In our series of posts on special places to stay in Norway we would like to share perhaps Norway’s most stunning design hotel, Juvet Landscape Hotel. The hotel is build as part of an old Norwegian farm as a great example on how modern architecture can go hand in hand with heritage sites.

The Juvet Landscape Hotel at Valldal, by the architect company Jensen & Skodvin, is build attached to a farm dating back to 1880 and it has nine individual rooms that each face a singular patch of wilderness. From large window display’s you can silently watch all four seasons go by.


There is seven double rooms, with dark interior as not to steal attention from its view to the stunning surroundings. There is also two single rooms, build in a slightly different style with less space and perhaps even more minimalistic but with more light. The architecture wanted to show how little you actually need to be comfortable and live luxurious.

The hotel also has a SPA, a few stairs climb down with a view directly to the waterfall.

In addition, there is the opportunity to stay in some of the old buildings on the farm, from the tiny mill house to the mountain farm.

The experience will set you back NOK 1,550 per person in a double room. per night, including breakfast. If you would like a three-course evening meal, served at a communal table in the cow barn, you can add NOK 600 per person to the bill. The hotel also have a fully licensed bar. Local produce is important and for breakfast you can enjoy freshly baked bread, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. There is no lunch, but the hotel is happy for you to make a packed lunch which to enjoy on your hike or sightseeing in the area.

The famous ‘Trollstigen’ is only a two hour drive away along the coast – or a four hour hike over the mountain, among many other must see attractions in the area.

The Juvet Landscape Hotel is on the National Tourist Route, a project by The Norwegian government, stretching from Trollstigen to Geiranger. The road project has engaged over 60 architects and artists to devise exciting and functional viewing areas, featuring modern architecture and design along this picturesque road in Norway.


Juvet Landscape Hotel is located in Valldal, Norway. Fly with SAS or Norwegian Air Shuttle to Ålesund airport Vigra, which is less 1 hour and 40 minutes drive away from the hotel. There is direct flights between London and Ålesund which takes just above 2 hours. Amazing!

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Just as a curiosity, Juvet means ‘the canyon’ in Norwegian. Often places in Norway are named after the nature of which in they are situated.

Note: This post is not sponsored in any way. Herangtunet hotel is part of our top recommendations for hotels, perfect for secret escapes and getaways in Norway.

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