God Jul and Happy Christmas greetings from the Mountains

Today we will go down from the mountain to my sisters farm in the valley to celebrate Christmas together. My mum, my three sisters with their families will all be celebrating together this year.

After a few days of skiing in the daytime and enjoying some quiet cabin life in the evenings we are about to leve this peaceful place and join in the festivities with the extended family.

This will be the first Christmas in years that we will be all the sisters together. Between us we have seven children and one more on the way (no, it not me!). They are all girls in the age range of 4 to 23 years.

We’ll have enjoy our Christmas meal together; pork belly with all the trimmings and cloudberry with cream for desert. This is a traditional Christmas menu in the area ‘Østlandet’ that we are from in Norway. After dinner it’s time to open the Christmas gift – perhaps event Santa will appear with a bag full of gifts for the children? Before we all gather to dance around the Christmas tree.

By the end of the night we’ll go back up to the mountain. The plan is to get up early on the 25th to ski on the snow that’s fallen through the night. That is if we can get out of our pyjamas…

Happy Christmas everyone! Thank you for being part of Little Scandinavian! x

Photo by Staffan Widstrand/imagebank.sweden.se

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