How to get rid of a cold naturally and fast – in 7 easy steps!

Aching muscles, headache, blocked nose, itchy throat and a cough… Oh yes! It’s the season for colds. And apparently resting and plenty of water to drink is the only recommended cure. But who has time in the busy lead up to the holidays!? This is how you can get rid of a cold in no time!

I’v been down with a cold since the weekend, hence the quietness on the blog. “Why don’t you write about getting better, Mum” miss B suggested.

Up until now I’ve mostly tried to ignore my cold, thus only getting worse. After having finding myself having to go to bed before 6pm last night I thought it would be useful to look into how I can get better. If there are any tricks to get a speedy recovery.

And as there seem to be more people being ill and that we might have entered the cold and flu season, I thought I might as well share my findings, here on the blog with you.

1. Sleep.
Stay in bed, sleep in and rest during the day. Do not do too much physical around the house but allow your body to recover whilst fully rested. Go early to bed. Make sure you have fresh bed linen too.

2. Drink lots of water
An adult should consume about 2 liters of water each day. When you are having a cold and your body looses extra fluid drinking plenty of water is really important, as it helps replace fluids lost from fever and respiratory tract evaporation, and it helps loosen mucus.
If you don’t like the taste of plain water, try sparkling water or add a slice of lemon or lime. Or heat the water and infuse a green tea bag or a slice of lemon.

3. Fresh air.
Make sure to open your bedroom window to get fresh air. Cold fresh air combined with more pillows for a slightly raised head will also help coughing.

4. Consume vitamin C.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help strengthen your immune system. Vitamin C will not cure a cold, but it can help your body heal faster.
We recommend drinking a c-vitamin booster freshly made juice. Ad two crisp English apples, one large sweet orange and one carrot together with lime and fresh ginger to taste in your juicer. Voila – you’ll have 4 out of your 5 a day portion covered as well as more fluid and lots of c-vitamins. The fruit sugar will also make you feel better.

5. Make soothing and strengthening hot drinks.
During the day drink boiled water with fresh ginger and lemon. To ensure a proper sleep, which you will need for a speedy recovery, drink boiled water with honey and black pepper before going to bed.

6. Have a book to read.
Avoid ‘screen time’ as this can be stressful and instead read a book if you are well enough to stay awake. This will also help you to stay in bed to rest.

7. Cancel all appointments.
Until you are fully recovered you should cancel all your appointments. Don’t do the school run. Yes, I’m sure you can get up and do it, but family and friends would be more than happy to help, so you can stay in bed and get well sooner. Order your shopping online if needed. Call your boss and explain you will be back when on the mend. Little use of you going to work only to pass the cold on to colleagues (and fellow commuters on your way). And no going out to see friends. Everything can wait until you are better.

Meanwhile, advice on how to ease the cold symptoms naturally includes inhaling steam, which can help loosen the mucus in your nose, making it easier to clear by blowing. Take a hot shower or boil water and poor it into a bowl, before resting your face above the steam. Inhale the steam slowly in deep breaths. For your sore throat you could gargle with salt water, spit out and repeat. This is not recommend for children as they may swallow the liquid. And you should eat healthy, starting the day with a strengthening oat porridge in the morning (make a oat soup if you are finding it difficult to swallow). And last but not least, wash your hands and sneeze into a tissue.

Most of the time a cold goes away on its own within 4-7 days. But a viral infection can last as long as 2 weeks. The above advice is for how to manage a cold at home. If you are having the flu or in doubt – call your GP.

Wishing you a speedy recovery! x

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