Distant Shores Campaign for The Organic Sheep by Morten Germund

The campaign for The Organic Sheep, shot in the Faroe Islands by Morten Germund, won 2nd place in the category ‘Commercial photography’ in the Sony World Photography Awards 2014.

It was important to the founders of The Organic Sheep that the shoot took place in the Faroe Islands, where they are from, and where the sheep are a natural part of both life and landscape.

Photographer Morten Germund works mainly in documentary photography and he is based in Copenhagen. He said this about the campaign for The Organic Sheep;

“Why go to the Faroe Islands if we’re not showing it. So we twisted it all around and began to work with the idea of instead of showing the products in a classic, disciplined way, what if we made a study of where the product were from. The fundament. The roots. What the product sense, feel, eat, see, and most importantly, where it origins. And when showing the product it should be an integral part of the landscape and surroundings. For instance the pillows becoming rocks or the blanket becoming water in the waterfall.”






Campaign for The Organic Sheep. Finalist in Sony World Photo Awards 2014.

The Organic Sheep make beautiful natural interior products for the home. The sheepskins are made from free roaming sheep, in the wilderness of Iceland and the Faroe Island. The unique quality gives a 100% natural product, characterised by pleasant scent as well as a fluffy, very long, natural wool. All procedures concerning the tanning of the skins meet the essential European Union directives concerning the enviromental preservation and protection of our nature.

The Organic Sheep was founded in 2009, but it was this campaign, ‘Distant Shores’ in 2014 that made this brand finally receiving the attention they deserve.

You can find your nearest retailer or buy online from The Organic Sheep.

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