Gudrun & Gudrun Kids AW15 makes us want to go to the Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands is 18 tiny islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, featuring mountains, valleys and grassy heathland, and steep coastal cliffs that harbor thousands of seabirds. The Faroe Islands is also home to arguably one of the most exciting fashion labels, Gudrun & Gudrun.

Gudrun & Gudrun is a sustainable fashion brand founded in 2002 by two Faroese women and the creative process of design is very closely linked to the isolation of the islands.

“It’s good to come to Europe for input and inspiration, but it’s crucial to come back home to the silence and not be disturbed by the hectic life of fashion” Gudrun & Gudrun

The designers combines different types of yarn to create beautiful garments featuring lots of exciting details. The women’s collection is both feminine and figure-hugging. The mens collection is quite attractive too with traditional yet trendy sweaters and cardigans. But it’s the children’s clothing that truly catches our eye, comfortable yet understated cool in delightful colours reflecting that special light only to be found in the Faroe Islands. Some styles are readily available – yet some are made to order. The price point is high, but so is the quality and attention to detail.

Gudrun & Gudrun is using traditional Faroese hand knitting techniques and pure organic lambswool spun into the softest of yarns, unique to the Faroe Islands.

The Gudrun & Gudrun Kids lookbook pictures for Autumn Winter 2015 takes us to the magical Faroe Islands. What better setting could you wish for when presenting a delightful collection of children’s wool and knitwear?












Discovering the brand made us want to discover the Faroes Islands too. Did you know, the Faroes Islands is home to more sheep than people!?

Highest on our wish list would be to visit the Guðrun & Guðrun flagship store in the capital, Thorshavn (named after the Norse god Thor). When in Thorshavn we would also visit Öström, a shared space housing a design shop, cafe and gallery. It’s the perfect place to source Faroese design and art as well as sample some of the local food.

We would stay in the environmentally friendly village Gjóv, located a short one hour drive from Tórshavn. The tiny village in traditional Faroese building style counts less then 50 inhabitants. We would book a family room in the guest house Gjáargarður.

With a rental car we would explore stunning nature, endless of green valleys with grassing sheeps. We would visit the surreal Sørvágsvatn Lake. We’d also want to see the beautiful Mulafossur waterfall and the village of Gasadalur, which is a tiny settlement located on the edge of Mykinesfjørður, surrounded by the highest mountains on the Vágar island.


Although the Faroe Islands is located at 62 degrees north the climate is surprisingly mild due to the Gulf Stream. Average temperature in Summer reaches 13 degrees while the average temperature drops down to 3 degrees in winter. But whenever you choose to go you should be prepared for ‘four seasons in one day’ – so bring your wind and waterproofs. Wool can be purchased in Thorshavn.

From London to Faroe Islands is a 6 hour flight, including a stop in Copenhagen. Lowest price I found was £244 for an adult return ticket.

Worth mentioning is Gudrun & Gudrun’s pop-up shop in London from October to December 2015. We went to the opening night – see it all here!

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