Norway steals the limelight from the new Ferrari in this official video

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Sharp turns and wild nature is why Norway is regarded as some of the world’s best road trips. And when launching the 488 Spider 2016 model, Ferrari chose to shoot the official video in… Norway!

The video features top attratctions in Norway, such as the Atlantic Road, Trollstigen (the Trolls ladder), The Aurlands Tunnel (the world’s longest road tunnel) and one of the worlds most beautiful bridges, the Helgelands Bridge. In addition there are beautiful images from the Fjords, endless of forest and majestic mountain landscapes.

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This is what the Scandinavian dad would have blogged about, like every day. In fact, he was the one sending me the link to this video as he wanted me to post it on the blog.

If you landed on this page when searching for children’s clothing, dinner recipes and family travel ideas; don’t worry – this is a one off!

But do have a look at the grand nature that passes by the racing super car.

If this wetted your appetite, and I’m not talking about the supercar valued in excess of £200,000, but rather if this sparked an interest in going to Norway to experience this unbelievably beautiful fairytale country for yourself, you can easily find out more about how you best experience Norway on Visit Norway’s website. And as the video is stating, the roads in this film were closed for filming. Otherwise it would have been impossible to film there, as speed limits are, lets say… conservative. Also, the chances of spotting one of these speeding blue horses through the landscape is slim as the car will retail for a ridiculous price with the Norwegian tax system.

But anyway! From tomorrow we will move back into the world of family life. 🙂

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