Skandinavisk ‘hygge’ for Autumn Winter 2015

How a candle company share the true meaning of ‘hygge’ with a sense of Scandinavia.

The Scandinavian countries are consistently ranked as having the happiest people, with the best quality of life, the most liveable cities, the hippest design and the most stunning unspoilt nature.


And this was all a secret… Sort of.

Then Skandinavisk comes along, a Danish candle and home fragrance company, with the idea of sharing a sense of Scandinavia with the rest of the world. And interestingly, it took two brits to share the concept of ‘hygge’, with both founders having relocated to Scandinavia more than 15 years ago. That’s enough time to have experienced first hand what makes the Scandinavian people so happy and successful – and our secret behind ‘hygge’.

In Scandinavia there’s a healthy work life balance, with leisure time being a huge part of the culture, leaving work on time, bicycling home or jumping on effective public transport, picking up your children from and having a cosy family dinner is happiness for most families.

Leisure time often involves the term ‘hygge’ a word for cosy social gatherings, intimate get-togethers with family and friends. “Hygge’ during Autumn is enjoying a cup of coffee from your thermos on your sunday walk in the forest. ‘Hygge’ during winter could involve that cuddly feeling in front of a fireplace after a day out in the snow.

Scandinavians have the ability to turn any situation into a moment of ‘hygge’, especially those shared with friends and family during softly lit dinners with flickering candlelights at home.

Skandinavisk observed this phenomena;

“We think it is in their ability to create intimacy, fellowship and conviviality around everyday moments. The kind of everyday moment borne from the region’s exposure to extended cold and darkness and the need for people to come together, over centuries, around a source of heat and light.”

“For the happiest nations on earth, joy is found in life’s small moments.”

The idea was born in 2013. The Hygge candle and diffuser gives a warm scent of a late summer garden party, with cream cake and strawberries, tea, rose petals and wild mint. Then HYGGE was followed by more ideas; SKOG – meaning forest, with notes of pine, fir and aged leather, HAV – meaning ocean, takes you to the endless coastline of Scandinavia with fresh sea froth and fresh air and FJORD – meaning the fjords, with a scent from the snowy mountaintops that drops together with some stunningly beautiful waterfalls together with ripening orchards of apple trees, blackberry and wild raspberry flowers. It’s like being there, in the Scandinavian nature.
HYGGE is a more a lifestyle concept, as is RO, which means tranquility, peace and quiet, with time for yourself. RO is my favourite.


As with all Scandinavian design, it’s design is simple with beautiful quality. The scents are subtle and delicate. And after 45 hours of ‘hygge’, the glassware can be reused with tea lights. Yes, can you tell? We love sense of Scandinavia for Autumn.

So, Autumn suddenly snok upon us. And it doesn’t look the indian summer is about to arrive anytime soon. The garden is cleared for the winter and I’m unpacking knitwear from the cupboard. We’ve stocked up on candles and throws – for some Autumn ‘hygge’.

What is your conception of ‘hygge’ and what do you do to get through wet and dark season we have ahead of us? Please comment below to let us know!

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