Tulipop Miss Maddy Quality Backpack – Kids design from Iceland

Miss A on the school run this morning. So excited, ready to catch up with her friends, meet the new teacher and get going with the new school year. She also had a new shiny backpack – Icelandic design by Tulipop.

Her new backpack was all packed and ready in the hallway this morning, with the few things needed for school, all planned and packed days in advance. The pencil case protected newly sharpened pencils and her favourite rubber. The drawstring bag held her neatly folded PE kit and trainers.

She had washed, brushed her teeth and had her breakfast. She was all dressed in her uniform, wearing polished shoes and a all weather jacket handed down from her big sister, her hair in a pony tail made by dad. She was ready to set off. Long before the school gate had opened… So I made her wait until I was ready too.


Then off we went. I noticed a small clip on her back pack, and similarly a fastening clip on the drawstring bag. So useful to have it attached to the backpack, not having to carry your PE kit in your hand to and from, every time it needs a wash. It looked quite nice together too, as you can see, in the lead image of this post.

The new backpack series by Tulipop is said to be suitable for children up to age 12. When Miss A was lucky enough to be offered to test out the new Tulipop quality backpack series for School start I was slightly unsure if it would be too childish for our 10 year old. But she absolutely loved it! Even Miss B nearly-age-14 seemed quite taken by the design and in fact we are all smitten by the cheeky and sweet personality of the little Miss Maddy character.

tulipop maddy backpack

Tulipops was founded in Iceland in 2010 by best friends and working mums Signy Kolbeinsdottir and Helga Arnadottir. Tulipop creates colourful children’s interior and accessories unlike any other, with magical characters and whimsical prints. The brand is fairly new to the UK.

The Tulipop school backpack, pencil case and drawstring bag is water resistant and easy to wipe clean. It comes in three different prints; Miss Maddy (the one Miss A is wearing) as well as Fred and Gloomy.
From left; Fred backpack and Gloomy backpack, from Tulipop

We found the Tulipop School series super quality, functional and fun. The pictures does not show how lovely the design is!

The backpack features a reinforced back and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort. There’s clipped key cord inside, a folder pocket, purse and mobile pockets as well as zipped inner pocket. Nothing will get lost here.
There’s also a isolated lunch box compartment. Especially useful for kids on packed lunch and on school trips.






The backpack retails for £39. The pencil case retails for £8. And the drawstring bag, featuring a small inner pocket with zipper, that can be attached to the Tulipop backpack, retails for £15. All available from the online shop tulipop.com

Please note: This post has not been sponsored. However, we were given the set by Tulipop, to test out. This does not mean that we promise to write about it. We only endorse products we have tried, tested and liked.

This is Miss A’s last year in Primary School. She will be busy with the 11+ exams and the responsibility of taking care of her Reception partner. There’s also the Y6 camp, a whole week away with her class, then there’s the Y6 production and the SATS exam week. In other word, enough to look forward to. It was a rather excited 10 year old running to school this morning!

Hope you had a good start too? Would love to know how the first day was!

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