Cabin Fever; Amazing Scandinavian must see weekend escapes!

Most children loves cabin life. And although you might feel more relaxed in the comfort of your own home, there are some crazy cool cabins out there that will make you pretty excited to head for a family weekend escape too…

As I child I loved going to the cabin during the holidays, the simple life and the fact that the smaller space brought the family closer together; from outdoor activities in the nature surrounding the cabin to card play with my sisters underneath a dim oil lamp in the evenings. No doubt, cabins offer a place to relax and unwind.

With a increasing hectic lifestyle people’s ‘cabin fever’ seems to be reaching new heights, fuelled with an endless stream of blog posts and magazine articles, there are inspirational books being published and Pinterest is overflowing with dreamy retreats. In all the myriad of stunning architecture – we are here to guide you with a highlight of some of the most interesting cabin design from Scandinavia. Hope you’ll enjoy!

Micro Cluster Cabins is the perfect family retreat, situated in Vestfold, Norway. The central cabin provides communal living spaces, while the two cabins that flank it are used as private sleeping quarters. We think this might be the most beautiful cabin we’ve come across! Designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter.

Another seaside retreat, situated in Risør Norway. Build in 2008 in a minimalist style with emphasis of maximising the view and outdoor space. All meals to be enjoyed al fresco and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an outdoor shower connected to the cabin too. See more here.

The shipping container cabin in Denmark is a result of upcycle unused and unwanted goods and transform it into useful and beautiful design. On a distance the cabin looks like any other little blue painted cabin… It’s slightly unusual but the up cycled cabin has become ever so popular in Denmark. By Poteet Architects

Dragspelhuset, Sweden. This is a family summer vacation retreat in southern Sweden’s Glaskogen nature reserve. The locals of the lakeside area affectionately call the house ‘Dragspelhuset’ or Accordion House because a room of the house is capable of extending outwards over the nearby stream. Funky features and quirky look aside, it’s all sustainable design. Architecture by the owners; Maartje Lammers and Boris Zeisser.

This eco-friendly hotel concept gives forest cabins a new meaning. In the deepest forest of Sweden, with view to a stunningly beautiful lake… Choose from mirrored cubes (lead image) and UFO’s to birds nest! The impressive selection of individual hotel rooms, all situated feets above the ground, are for adventurous children and adults alike. Perfect for the nature-loving family who would like a mini break unlike anything else.

Cabin Fever cured?

If not, check out Summer House on the Norwegian Riviera or tiny wooden log hut in Winter Wonderland.

Because “Life is better at the cabin”.

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