Top 6 Most Read Blog Posts on Little Scandinavian

As part of our 6th Anniversary celebration this September we are happy to highlight the six most popular posts on Little Scandinavian. These are the posts you have read, liked and shared, since 14.09.2009.

1. Top 5 Best Children’s Bedding – Scandinavian kids interior design
Scandinavian kids interior is the most trending topic on Little Scandinavian, from bedroom inspiration to more detailed posts, like this one, the most read post during the last 6 years. Children’s bedding is something more and more designers are doing, and a round up of the top five was the least I could do. I should be doing an updated post soon, for 2015/2016.
Posted on Little Scandinavian 24.09.2013

2. Leander vs Stokke
When choosing the very first design for your baby, it seems to be that a lot of consideration goes into it, before making a decision. You want quality and beautiful design and at the same time value for money. Navigating your way around the jungle og information on the various of products available can quickly become a daunting task. Our reviews therefor tend to be popular and in particular, this one for baby cots.
Posted on Little Scandinavian 25.05.20011

3. Angulus children’s shoes Spring Summer 2014 news
Shoes in general are popular on the blog. Scandinavian kids shoe design is based on more than 100 of years of craftsmanship, with a focus on creating comfortable and fun shoes. One of the things I miss the most about Scandinavia is the selection of children’s shoes. Bisgaard, Bundgaard, Petit Nord, Pom Pom… Only to mention some. Although I feature them all, the brand you love is danish Angulus.
Angulus_childrens_shoes_spring_summer_2014 (8)
Posted on Little Scandinavian 11.11.2013

4. JaBaDaBaDo children’s wooden toys and playful furniture
Toys are always popular on Little Scandinavian. We focuses on sharing toys that are well made, preferably of natural materials and with no harming chemicals. We love the classic toys like Lego, Brio, Maileg and Kaj Bojesen. But are delighted when we can introduce new and innovative playful design too. JaBaDaBaDo, a fun and good quality wooden toy brand from Sweden seems to be popular!
Posted on Little Scandinavian 09.01.2010

5. Sprout by Gro the Scandinavian teen brand for growing girls
Being mum-of-two growing daughters this is a topic close at heart. You enjoy the ride, through collections of beautiful design, and then at a certain age, it suddenly ‘boom!’, stops! And long before the girls are old enough and ready themselves to move on. It’s therefor always with pleasure we can share brand here on the blog that have found this gap in the market, who designs clothing in particular for growing girls.
Posted on Little Scandinavian 01.05.2013

6. How to Make a Reindeer Advent Calendar
Christmas in general is a popular topic on Little Scandinavian with many people dreaming of a magical White Christmas in Lapland. And it’s much more than Christmas gift guides! We cover everything from listings of Scandinavian Christmas Markets to sharing easy and tasty recipes for Christmas cookies and food. We also have our annual Advent Calendar here on the blog, with a daily giveaway that attracts lots of readers into our Litte Scandinavian universe. But nothing beats our DIY posts on how to make your own Christmas decorations and Advent Calendar, and in particular; the Reindeer Advent Calendar.
Posted on Little Scandinavian 14.11.2011

Thank you for reading your way through all our posts over the years. Hopefully we will manage too keep you interested and inspired in the coming years too. x

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