Cool new kids fashion DIY book – Redesign Kids

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Create cool and funky children’s clothing from unwanted pieces in your wardrobe, transform old shirts and blouses to fun jumpers and adorable little dresses and at the same time reduce waste. All with the help of this new must have book; Redesign Kids.

Redesign Kids is a DIY book with patterns and inspiration to make childrens clothes out of ones discarded adult clothes and thereby making the end result not only affordable kids clothing but it’s also very rewarding and personal as well as environmentally friendly.

Little Scandinavian had a chat with Aya and Tilde, the danish authors of the book, to hear a more about this exciting concept.

“The book is our alternative as to how we can make our kids wardrobes more sustainable with little effort and great impact. We hope to inspire lots of people to do just that and make a difference for our environment as it is no secret that the textile industry is the second largest polluter in our world. We also strongly feel that esthetics are a major factor in making something sustainable so the design for us is always at the top. We are a Copenhagen-based company specialising in sustainable fashion using only discarded, postproduction fabrics.”

Aya and Tilde have both more than 15 years experience from sustainable design projects and it’s with great passion they’ve gathered all the patterns and useful ideas for this book.

We have a small sneak peek from the book here, from funky boys clothing to versatile and pretty tops and skirts.




The book has been published by the Danish publish house, Turbine Forlag who specialise in inspirational and creative books.

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