Danish Design Units brings the Farm to Urban Areas

With Units new collection of farm animals and accessories danish designer Peter Utke has created a whole universe of lightweight playful toys that can only be limited by imagination.

Designed for toddlers, these toys can inspire hours of fun play as well as look lovely in your child’s playroom. We discovered Units at CIFF kids, at the new design and interior section of the trade show. And what amazed us was not only the beautiful colours and how sturdy the different items looked. The farm animals and tractor was also surprisingly light weight, which would make it easy for the toddler to arrange and rearrange. Made from a special type of foam, that are free from harming chemicals. Slightly biased, as I’m Norwegian… But I belive this is typical for Scandinavian design, always eager to lead innovation with emphasis on using safe and sustainable materials.

The design will invite to improve balance skills whilst encourage imaginative play – which would be a nice change from TV and computer games!



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The farm set is available in three different sizes, for multiple use and it consist of the shapes of a pig, a cow, a sheep, a horse, a cockerel and a tractor.

3 thoughts on “Danish Design Units brings the Farm to Urban Areas

  1. Hi Klinta, thanks for your interest in Units Animal Farm products.
    You can buy Units Danish Design products directly from us through http://www.units-dd.dk. We are based in Denmark and we also ship abroad You can also contact our re-sellers, you will find a list of re-sellers on our website, just scroll down on the frontpage and see the resellers under the headline: “Forhandlere” I regret our website is only in Danish yet. Have a nice day, Kenneth, Units.

  2. Hi Klinta. I’ve email Design Units in Denmark, and hopefully they will get back to you! Best wishes, Bianca x

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