10 ideas on Kids Activities in the garden this Summer Holiday

8 ideas on what kids can do in the garden – amazingily easy and ‘why did’t I think of that!?’ activities that will make your children remember this Summer holiday as the bestest ever!

“I’m bored” or even worse, an argument escalating between the little ones… The best thing to do when this happens, just like our parents used to do, is to send the grumpy children outside to play.

And to get you started, we have wrapped up 10 fantastically fun activities for children to do in the garden, in addition to gardening with you, this Summer.

Feed the Birds
Make a home for wildlife in your garden. Providing birds with supplementary food will bring them closer for you to discover their fascinating behaviour and wonderful colours. Feeding birds is also an ideal way to enthuse children about wildlife.
Feeding birds advice via rspb.org.uk
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Learn how to cartwheel
Learning how to cartwheel takes practice. So you better get them started! There’s lots of helpful step by step diagrams and tuitions online. Or even better, invite one of your child friends over, who already know how to do it!

Wet Play!
In school ‘wet play’ means staying inside when it’s raining. Why not revamp the idea of wet play. Dress down, in lightweight summer clothes and run around in the rain. (Just make sure a big towel and dry clothes awaits).
If it’s not raining, create your own rain, using the garden hose – and water your lawn at the same time.
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Grow Tomatoes
Just a few healthy plants will produce buckets of fruit. Tomato growing needs a lot of attention; little ones will enjoy this little science project from frequent watering and feeding to seeing the plants grow, from day to day. And all you need a small pot and some seeds to get started. How to grow tomato plants via verticalveg.org.uk

Keep a Garden Notebook
Along with the tomato project, you might want a kid sized garden notebook, as shown in the lead image. The little notebook is useful for the careful recording of planting dates, varieties, wildlife that has been spotted, garden maps, etc. free to download here!

Outdoor Kitchen
From homemade lemonade and ice creams to full on bbq dinner. When weather permits, prepare and cook your meals in the garden together with the children. The children can help out with both the food and setting the table – or organising the picnic blanket!
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Build your own universe
Facilitate a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. Use Lego, wooden stacking blocks or anything you have at hand – and allow them to take it out. Alternatively, create a magical woodland fairy land or dinosaur park. Or, like we had to do as children, create a farm with animals of pine cones and sticks

DIY Table Decoration
Flower arrangements for the house or as table decoration for the Summer Garden party? Nothing beats a freshly cut bunch of woodland flowers – or garden flowers like sweet peas and roses. Place in old glass jars and bottles for a vintage feel.
If you have plenty of flowers with long and soft stems – why not make a flower crown too? DIY Flower Garland recipe here.
table decoration
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Watch the clouds
Sometimes it’s absolutely fine not to do much more than laying down on the grass, looking at the clouds go by. Smell the earth and the freshly cut grass, hear the bumble bee and birds in the background – and try to spot different objects in the skye. This is a great idea for everyone who are busy doing nothing.

Go camping
Set up a tent, to play in all day and let the bravest ones stay all night. Torches, portable radio and sleeping bags as well as good bedtime stories are all essential. Not to forget, to provide a midnight feast!
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Who said holiday was boring!? x

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